7 Interesting Facts About Slot Machines

You have probably come across an article giving you tips and strategies on how to win casinos games. And they may be some of those posts and sites with some pretty amazing views as players try to find ways through which they can increase their chances of winning. You may have heard of “hot” or “cold” coins and how using either one can either increase your chances of winning or even the amount you will win.

While these strategies may work on some casino games, they may not, and will not work when applied to slots. There are many theories concerning slots, and many of them are just myths and hold no truth in them. However, the slot still remains a mystery to many players, with most of them not understanding how the machine operates. At the end of this article, you should be able to understand this game better, and maybe enjoy playing it more.

Origin of Slot Machines

The first slot machine was known at the Liberty Bell and was created by Charles Fey in 1895. This machine had symbols of a diamond, a Spade, and a broken bell. The machine grew in popularity, and Charles couldn’t keep up with the demand/supply requirement. Even then, he refused to have a company help him in mass production of this machine. In 1907, a Herbert Mill, through his company, began the production of a knock-off version of the slot machine. His machine, named Operator Bell contained fruits symbols of Lemons, cherries, and plums. This was the first fruit machine.

The names of the machines have also evolved over time. The game was initially called a ‘one-arm bandit’ because it was operated with one lever and the bandit name was because the slot “stole” money from players. Now, the machines are known as  “fruit machines’ in the UK and “Pokies’ in Australia.

Facts About Slot Machines

Even with its popularity both online and on land, there are many myths and false information concerning this game that is popular world over. Some of these facts are as follows.


  • Random Number Generation system


There is no strategy that can either help you win, or increase your chances of winning. This is because the wins on the slots are determined by the Random Number generation system “RNG”. The RNG system works for both online and land based casinos. The RNG works continuously, generating combinations whether someone is playing on the machine or not.

This puts to rest the assumption that once a Jackpot has been won, it will take ages before the next one can be won. Truth is, two jackpots can be won in succession depending on the sequence that will be generated using the RNG. Also, if someone plays the slot just after you have left the machine and they win, it does not mean that you would have won had you kept playing.

  1. Return to Player

Every game has a payout percentage set for it. This is the percentage of the amount played that needs to go back to the clients. Whether you lose a game or not, a certain percentage of the amount you played is usually returned to the client. The percentage is usually set at between 85% and 98%. This is done during the manufacture of the game. This fact puts to rest the assumption that the game can be “loosened’ and “tightened” at different periods of time to rest.

Still, the House will always have an edge over the player in any gambling game. That is why the payout is not at 100% but starting from 98% downwards. This can be observed on a game of roulette where the chance of winning is 37 to 1 but the payout ratio is 35.1. That is how the house pays itself. The payout for a slot remains the same throughout the lifetime of the machine.

  1. It’s possible to improve your chances of winning

No, not by using warm or cold coins. The type of slot you choose to play on can increase your chances of winning. This is because some slots have better odds than others. An example is a slot that uses higher denomination. These have a  higher RTP than those with smaller denominations. Also, if you choose to play a slot that has a fixed jackpot, your odds will be better than if you were to play on a slot that has a progressive jackpot  If you play a slot that has many extra bonus features, then the odds of that game will be lower than those slots that are straightforward with few or no side shows.

  1. Slot Machines Can be Rigged by Employees

This is not possible because every machine comes from the manufacturer with a set RNG microchip. There is, therefore, no way the employees can manipulate the slot machine to give different results than those generated by the RNG system. The payout percentages cannot be manipulated. Also, the assumption that players have that the low ranking employees can get them in on where the loose slots are in the casino is false. Many people have asked for “inside information” from the employees with a promise to share the earnings they will get from the games and, well, have ended up quite disappointed.

  1. Slots Have Multiple Reels

Classic slots were made up of actual metal reels that had to be moved in order to get a combination of the symbol. As technology progressed, so did the slots, and the reels became interfaces on machines that could move with just a move of a lever or pressing of a button. Classic slots are composed of 3 reels. Now, slots with 4, 5, 6 and even 7 reels are being developed. Video slots have 5 reels, and they increase the number of lines on which winning combinations can occur. This is different from the classic slots that had only one way of winning. Even with the changing number of reels, the wins are generated using the RNG system.

  1. The RNG operates Continuously

This is true. The Random Number Generator of a slot is in constant action whether someone is playing on the slot machine or not. The RNG system is in constant function generating combinations. This is perhaps why you think that if you keep on playing, you might win might not really work. The RNG keeps on functioning even in cases where you are playing for free or with real money. Whether you make a deposit or you use the no deposit real money option if the casino offers it.

  1. Japan has the largest number of slots

Every time someone would mention slots, the first thought would be the UK, or the US are the hubs for online gaming. Turns out, Japan is the largest market for slots with over 5 million slot machines throughout the country. This is in comparison with 800,000 of them in the USA. Most software providers are also not from the USA or the UK. Australia loses the most capital to gambling with an average adult losing about $1000 per year to gambling.

You are probably wondering why it is important to demystify these beliefs. Some people have suffered depression having done “everything’ with the hope that it will increase their odds on that slot machine. Truth is, slots are purely a game of chance, and nothing you do will change that. You can, however, look for games with higher RTP and lower house edges in comparison. Still, RNG will decide on whether you win or not. Perhaps with this information, you can be aware of what to expect and how to manage your expectations, and bankroll, so you avoid depression and constant frustration every time you do not win.