Guide For Players To Win At Online Casino Games

It is important to caution the reader at this point that there is no guide out there that will give you foolproof methods that guarantee overnight riches. This Guide for players is simply a compilation of tools that will turn you into a better caliber of a player. In addition to this, it will also empower you to become aware of the changes you can make in the course of your gameplay to increase your overall edge over your opponents.

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Craps Guide

Since the rolling of the dice is an entirely random process, there really isn’t any direct association between the numbers that show up after a roll. Therefore, when it comes to Craps, there isn’t any long-term strategy per se that one can utilize to guarantee winnings. But there are certain pointers you can apply to increase your odds albeit by a small amount.

  1. “Pass Line” And “Don’t Pass Line”.

These are the 2 most common wagers gambling aficionados place when playing Craps. The reason for this is simply because, right off the bat, players get 50:50 odds. The casino-advantage here is also quite modest at 1.41% for the “Pass Line” bet and 1.40% for the “Don’t Pass Line Bet”. Notably, this betting strategy would not go over well at a table at a conventional brick and mortar casino if you did this at a table full of players who opted to go another route. It is best reserved for the online gaming platform.

  1. “Buy” And “Place” Bets.

The next all-important tip for Craps players is to be in the know when it comes to the precise way of placing “Buy” bets and “Place” bets. In reality “Buy” bets essentially give players real odds since they bear no house-edge whatsoever. Always put “Buy” and “Place” bets on the even numbers 4 through 10. It is more costly to place “Buy” bets on 4 and 10 than it is to put “Place” bets on 6 and 8.

  1. Bonuses And Promotions

As stated earlier in Guide for players, there are no long-term strategies that exist to guarantee wins when it comes to playing Craps. That being said, you could always leverage on online casinos that offer regular promotions and bonuses. In some rare occasions, certain virtual gaming platforms go a step further to adjust their casino-advantage downwards in order to reward their members with better odds.

Online Roulette Guide

This game centers on a spinning Roulette wheel which is divided into 37 or 38 pockets depending on which particular variation of the game you are playing. Each pocket is labeled 0, 1-36 with other variants containing an addition 00 pocket. The pockets are colored red and black while the numbers appear on the outermost circumference of the wheel. The table numbers are categorized into clusters of color -Black and Red-, numbers -Odd and Even-, 1-18 and 19-38.

The objective of Roulette is to predict as accurately as humanly possible where the ball lands when it comes to a halt. This is after the croupier spins the wheel in one direction and tosses the ball in the opposite direction. Correctly predicting the exact number or range of numbers is referred to as placing an “Inside” bet. Accurately predicting the pocket color in which the ball lands or whether or not it will land on an odd or even number is called placing an “Outside” bet.

Some helpful tips that you can use to increase your winning potential and perhaps soften the blow of losing streaks are:

  1. Practice A Few Rounds Beforehand

This is always a good idea in order for you to get a feel for the game beforehand. Look out for online casinos that offer free-play as a feature in their games. This will not only increase your confidence but you will be able to determine which betting strategy to go with and which one to leave at the door.

If you are playing a live Roulette game, talking to the dealer can also help put you at ease. Some online live online casinos allow players to spin the wheel for a couple of rounds before playing with real money. That way you can more or less gauge where the ball is likely to land. Conversely, you will quickly be able to tell if the wheel is rigged.

  1. Choose European Roulette Over American Roulette

In the American variation of Roulette the wheel has an extra 00 pocket. This seemingly minuscule detail actually has a huge impact on the odds of the game. The casino-advantage in a game with a single 0 pocket is 2.63%. Add an extra 00 pocket with the same functionality as the single 0 and the house-edge shoots up to a staggering 5.2%! The winnings in the European variation are generally smaller than those of its American counterpart but that is still no reason to pick the latter over the former.

  1. Always Stick To Outside Bets

Pay-outs on accurate Outside Bets are 1:1. This is rather modest in if you compare the Inside Bets. As the old adage goes the higher the risk the higher the return. If you have a large risk-appetite then you definitely must have a go at the Inside Bets. It is, however, always safer to go with the Outside Bets to cushion a potential loss.

Online Poker Guide

Poker is relatively straightforward game to learn at Guide for players but one that poses a bit of a challenge to master. Right from the onset, a new Poker player must decide whether or not they want to embark on a journey of Professional Poker or if they just want to play it for fun. If it is the former, then you know you are playing to win. It takes hard work and dedication to be able to play at a winning level consistently. Some of the strategies you can begin applying are:

  1. Decide On Your Style Of Play

There are 4 main styles of play when it comes to Poker. Decide which approach best suits you and stick with it. Alternatively, you could switch things up from time to time to avoid becoming too predictable. This is especially important when you are facing Poker aficionados who are quite accomplished when it comes to anticipating their opponents’ subsequent moves. The first of these is the “Tight” approach which is common with new players. They are quite cautious and are careful not to take big risks. They typically play relatively few hands.

The “Loose” approach is the polar opposite of the “Tight” approach. These are true gamblers at heart who play lots of hands. The “Aggressive” approach is designed to put your opponents under immense pressure. It involves plays like opening the pot and making huge bets. More often than not it results in the timid participants bowing out of the game early. Finally, the “Passive” approach is the polar opposite of being “Aggressive”, and involves actions like “calling” more often than betting.

  1. The Importance Of Position

The Dealer or Button is usually the last player to act in a round of betting. A player who acts after all the other players is said to be in “Late” Position. This is always the best position to be in as it offers a tactical advantage given that the player is already aware of how the opponents have acted.

  1. Bluff Appropriately

Before you do this it is important to ensure that you think through the entire hand to ultimately win you the pot. A successful bluff should convince your opponents that the cards you hold would beat theirs. So control your emotions and have an exit strategy if they so happen to call you out on your bluff!

Blackjack Guide

In Blackjack, always apply Basic Strategy when playing. This is broken down as follows:

  1. The Surrender Rule

If you anticipate a loss that is less than 50% of your total wager, surrendering is the next best option you can take.

  1. The Pair-Split Rule

There are 2 scenarios in which a player should do a Pair-Split. When you anticipate a bigger loss than average and when you are certain that a losing hand can be turned into a winner.

  1. The Double Down Rule

If the dealer’s face-up card is either a 5 or 6 whereas your hand has an Ace or any card ranging between 2 and 6, then your best play is to Double Down.

  1. The Hit And Stand Rules

You should always Hit -ask for another card- when the dealer’s up card displays an Ace while your hand sums up to 11, or when the dealer’s card displays a 10 when your hand sums up to 17.

Always “Stand” when the dealer’s card displays 2-6 whereas your hand total 13-17.

Online Slots Guide

Some helpful tips to win at Slots include:

  1. Research On The RTP Averages.

Return-to-Player or RTP averages denote the total amount of cash a player should expect to get back in winnings in the long-run. Only focus on Slots whose RTP is greater than 92%.

  1. Slot Volatility

This is also known as the Slot variance. If you are looking to play it safe, then stay away from high-variance Slots. Low-medium slots offer players numerous small wins over a longer duration of time.

  1. Proper Bankroll Management

It involves setting a budget that dictates the maximum amount of money you can afford to bet on an online game. If you are high-roller then go right ahead and place big wagers on individual Slots. On the other hand, if you are on a budget then make your money work for you by placing a series of smaller bets on numerous Slots. This will certainly spread the risk of depleting your bankroll at a go.