Improve Your Slots Betting Strategy

We all want to be winners wherever we are. Betting the slot games is no different. Whether we are in the online or offline parlor, we are looking forward to a generous pay from our minimum bets. How about a list of ways to help you win more? That is what we have done here for you. We have taken our time to try out several methods and have come up with the best yet simplest techniques to use. Here is our list of ways to improve your slots betting strategy;

Take Regular Breaks

Casino operators make more returns from you when you spend more time on their games. The obvious reason is that your spending is comparable almost equally to your time of play on the machine. Thus, slots are developed to be exciting to capture your attention and keep you playing for as long as possible. To beat the developers at their own game, take breaks within your playing. Get off your seat and walk around or just go outside for a health break if you may. These frequent breaks will cut down the time you spend playing. The following are other advantages of taking breaks:


  • More you play, more you spend


Spending less time will slash off some amount from your expenditure in the casino. Thus, you lose less money, and so you have more cash to bet.


  • Regain focus and concentration


Breaks will help you refocus to help your winning. Since slots are very entertaining, many players get carried away. They get absorbed into the game and lose track of time.


  • Keep Off the Gamble Option


Most UK slots have the gamble feature that pops up after you win. It grants you the chance to increase your payout. When you win playing the gamble feature, you have the possibility of doubling the amounts you had won in your slots. However, you should consider the option keenly before you choose to indulge in it. Most will offer a much lower winning probability than your slot game which is not at all something you want. You could lose your already earned win in the end. Thus, only select a gamble feature you are sure offers higher odds.

Know Your Game

You stand to lose when you walk into a slot game without a clear understanding of the rules involved. Now since we intend to show you simple hacks to better your bets in the slot machine, we must insist that you familiarize yourself with the rules. For example, you may plan to play to win a progressive jackpot. If you are unaware that only maximum bets make you eligible for it, then you will never win if you don’t bet the maximum bet. That is just one example. There is more to learn about like the number and size of bets or even how wins will be cashed out.

Practice on the Free Slots

Another simple way to have the best wagers against the slot machine is to perfect your craft. Perfection calls for training, and so take advantage of the free slots. These games require no deposit to play, and thus you do not risk any of your money. Play them regularly and try out all techniques and features included in the slot. Through playing these slots, you get to comprehend the procedure of the game. Moreover, you learn of the pitfalls and consequently how to spot them and avoid them. The essential point is to ensure that when you finally get to face it off with the real money slots, you are already an expert. That way, you stand a chance against the slot machine.

Find the Best Paying Slot Machines

You would be better placed to conduct a thorough review on the slots you intend to play to establish their payouts. Regulations allow as little as 86% payouts on the slots. Thus, the machine you choose randomly could be somewhere between 86% and around 98%. Your best bet will be to dig and come up with popular slots with the highest payouts. These are the ones you should opt to play. Thus as a rule of thumb, only play the high payout slots.

Establish Your Limits

Our primary aim of being in the online and offline casino is to get some extra cash through payouts. So, while we will sometimes lose, eventually, we will get to win. These wins can be exhilarating, and they renew some hope in us. The hope that we will get even more in the next round will keep us trying. Sometimes, players get so excited that they re-gamble the entire win at once and end up losing it. It is therefore recommended to be wise. The wisdom here is to know when to take your leave whether you have won the jackpot or not. Figure out after your win whether it is worth to keep betting or it is time to celebrate your achievement and walk away. Thus, when you have reached your win limit or have won enough to offset your bets and still have more left, you might want to consider leaving.

Slow Down the Game

Slot machines are an interesting gambling phenomenon. They are easy to play, and as a result, the pace of the game is fast. What happens when the rounds are fast playing is that you play more turns. The spins are even quicker when you use the spin button than the lever. The more rounds you play, the more cash you spend. To overcome this, use the option provided on the slot machine to slow down the game. Playing a quick game also has the effect of clouding your judgment. It is easy to get buried in the fun and forget to observe your game strategies. So, for the best advantage, cut down the speed of the game.

Know Your Limit

Financial management techniques apply to slot games as well. It would be unreasonable to walk into the gaming area with no financial plan in mind. That way, you end up overspending. Together with that, you find that you have spent your money aimlessly. Therefore, a layout of how you plan to spend your money is necessary. Before you get started, you should figure out how much you want to spend. Once you have that figure, then carry just the right amount for your trip to the casino. The next thing will be to decide on how you will spend your bets. Include here what slots you will play depending on how long you intend to stay.

Register to the Casino Club Membership

Lastly, find a membership on the casino. If possible, get yourself a VIP membership. As oddly as it sounds, there are many advantages you will reap from these memberships. Members get better bonus offers and awards. They have access to more information concerning the games and are usually among the first to know about new deals. So, even as you try all the ways of betting on the slot machines, a membership to the club will do you better.

We hope this article has been informative on ways to improve your slots betting. With these techniques, simple as they may be, you have better chances to win. Forget the complicated strategies that are for sale all over the place. Take these ways we have verified ourselves with no download needs. They will ensure you can play for fun and still win more.