Classic Slots Online

Many punters would rather stay away from anything that has a classic name, feel or vibe. For most, this is something that existed many years ago and perhaps has no space in the modern world. While it may be true for some things, the statement does not hold water when it comes to classic slots. These are also known as pokies or fruit slots because most symbols that are on the spinning reels usually have fruit themes.

Going back into a little bit of history, Charles Fey was the first man to make the slot machine. This was known as the Liberty Bell and was a one-armed bandit slot which had a total of three reels. The design remained for some years until Herber Mills in 1907 started to make slot machines that had a similar look to the Liberty Bell. The new inventions, however, featured fruit symbols like plums, lemons, and cherries. The fruits fast became a recognizable feature of the classic fruit machines.

Most Popular Classic Slots in the United Kingdom

Slots Design

There are still many players who enjoy the classic casino slots. This is even after advancements in technology have lead software providers to come up with some fresh video slot ideas that may be more appealing and have advanced features such as:

  • Outstanding graphics
  • Top-notch animations
  • Melodious sound.
  • Numerous paylines, and many more.

Do not just assume that these traditional slots are boring and outdated because gaming developers work hard to ensure they present a huge range of symbols, themes, and many other cool features. They are far better than the first generations slots that were introduced to the online gaming world originating from the noisy slot machines in brick and mortar casinos. Keep in mind that the feel and look of the free classic slots differ from one game to the next even though they appear to be similar. Each slot is normally unique when it comes to the entertainment value, winning potential, and gameplay.

Because the classic casino slots only have 3 reels, it implies that players get few paylines. In fact, a majority of them only have a single payline which appears in the middle of the screen. Today, however, some software suppliers include 3, 5, or even more paylines catering to the needs of traditionalists who need more options. The slots are especially great for gamers who do not have any prior experience because they can start with a few betting options that may not be present in the latest, multi-payline titles.

Why Classic Slots Still Attract Players

While the 3 reel slots may lack in over the top animations and graphics, they are not an eyesore. The design of these games leans more towards a simplified, clean, and classy look. The design works for inexperienced and experienced slot players who just want to relax while having fun and not be bombarded with too many distractions while playing their favourite oldies. Some features that make players love these slots include:

  • Simple rules – The 3 reel slots do not have any complicated strategies or rules that players are supposed to learn before they can start playing. They come with simple paytables with particular combinations that result in the winnings.
  • Fewer people are fighting for the jackpot pool – Because many gamers usually chase after the slots that have huge cash payouts, playing the classic option can help increase winning chances because not soo many people participate in the prize money hunting.
  • Mobile versions – Developers have realized that there are very many gamers who prefer to use their mobile devices to play the classic games. Today, it is possible to enjoy spinning the reels using your smartphone or even tablet because the games are designed to function seamlessly on multiple devices. This is regardless of whether you are using an Android or iOS device.

Free Classic Slots Features

A majority of the old-themed slot machines also boast of some extra beneficial features some that include wild symbols that function as multipliers. A small selection even has bonus game rounds and progressive jackpots. Here are some types of games you can enjoy with the additional features.

  • Fixed jackpots – These are usually present in 3 reel slots that come with fixed jackpots. Players normally have to play with one to three coins for each spin. The wins increase proportionally to the number of coins that are played. Note that there are still chances that the jackpot will grow bigger disproportionally for every third coin that the gamers play.
  • Progressive jackpots – In most cases, all the individuals trying out for the main prize have to place bets with the maximum coins set. These slots are generally considered to be more challenging when compared with the other games that give out smaller prizes.
  • In-game bonuses – These are machines that normally give out payouts that are typically set for playing a single coin or two. Here players get an opportunity to win some additional prizes.
  • Accumulator bonuses – These are also referred to as variable slots. Not many spinners love this because they have to look for the ideal moments to play the game. The machines only pay out the bonuses when a gamer is lucky enough to land a particular combination or symbols that end up activating the bonus.

There are misconceptions that go around stating that the old-school 3 slot reels do not usually award players with high payouts. This is not true because there are some games that have huge payouts. It can be said, however, that the traditional slots do not pay as often as most of the advanced slots. When you want to have a blast with free classic slots, do not look anywhere else. Below is a selection of some very impressive slots you can explore.

Popular classic slots

Very many punters in the UK are attracted to the old-fashioned slots. It is one of the reasons why they still exist in the market. Players love these games for their simplicity. Any player whether novice or experienced can have a go at the games thanks to their straightforward design that is easy to understand.

Many gamers who are on a tight budget also appreciate these titles because their betting options are normally limited. Another perk of playing them is that payouts tend to be huge when the 3 reels finally pay in most cases. Let us check out some of the most popular classic slots online that cater to the different requirements and tastes of punters all over the world.

Mega Moolah Isis Slot

Inspired by the original Isis slot machine, Mega Moolah Isis is a 25 payline and 5 reel version that takes gamers on a journey that explores Ancient Egypt. Most importantly it is one of the games that have a highly rewarding progressive jackpot, and if you keep spinning you could end up being a millionaire. Microgaming is the brains behind the development of this exciting slot.

Crazy Jungle Slot

Featuring an interesting African wildlife theme, Crazy Jungle is a 5 reel and 15 payline slot machine that has been developed by Pragmatic Play, allowing players to meet all kinds of amazing animals including birds and monkeys. Snakes are not your enemy while playing this game because they award you with free spins when they appear on the first and 5th reel. It is a must play if you love engaging gameplay with a remarkable plot.

Monopoly Slot

Monopoly is an irreplaceable board game that was converted into a slot developed by IGT, presenting gaming enthusiasts with unique and innovative features. With a total of five reels and thirty paylines, you can enjoy this game whether you are on a budget or have some money to invest in since the betting limits range from 30p to £150. The game also includes a brand new level up plus feature that allows players to earn monopoly money once they trigger the bonus round by landing on:

  • Just Visiting
  • Property/Utility
  • Super Tax
  • Income Tax.

Gladiator Slot

The Gladiator slot is a classic slot game that is based on a popular action movie that comes from Playtech.  It avails 25 paylines and 5 reels and players can also have fun with a wild, scatter, and two bonus games. Land the Gladiator mask symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 and it will substitute all the other symbols with the exception of the scatter to help you land a winning combination.

Buffalo Slot

The Buffalo slot is a hit from the maker Aristocrat with a very clear theme attracting droves of gamers. It offers a unique slot experience with five reels with a greatly expanded winning combination. With a captivating gameplay, supported by amazing game mechanics, players have the best of times with symbols such as the buffalo, wolves, pumas, elk eagles, scatters, wilds, and bonus games.

Playing these games gives you a nostalgic experience where you get to feel as though you were present when they first made a landing in the gaming industry. The fact that they are present online means that you need not find a traditional casino to enjoy the games. You can find each and every classic slot game on our website!