Top live dealer casino

Live dealer casino gives you a chance to make the gaming process more interactive as the real dealers from all over the world are connected to your computer by the web camera.

Mostly, live casinos gives a chance to play card games such as blackjack and baccarat. But some of them can also offer you to play roulette and some other casino games.
The list below shows the TOP best of possible live dealer casinos!

Viking Slots

Live casinos are not common to most people and hence their popularity is very small. In most cases, those who deal with casino they get real-life casino experience that creates comforts at their home place. In that connection, casinos are seen to have different operators depending on the games available. The type of game available determines the number of tables to be provided the game. Therefore, the operators provide different information concerning the casinos which includes the betting limits and other details such as whether the game can be streamed and played on the electronic devices such as mobile phones. There are some noticeable differences between the live casino dealers and the operators. Thus, some operators such as William Hill provides high-quality video streaming.

The basic idea is that there are three types of live dealer casinos; they include the dealer studio, broadcast, and the actual casino. Among the three live dealer casinos, the dealer studio is the most common, and it is streamed from the studio for live dealer games. The studios are solely built such that the lighting and camera views are strategically set to facilitate the interaction and customization of online play.
Actual casino streams are recorded from the land-based casinos. The recorded game also gives the player an opportunity to interact with people through chatting and the game is controlled by the real casino manager. Other participant involved in the game includes the employees and the croupiers.

The broadcast live casino games are cast over either the website or the cable TV and can be accessed through a personal computer or the television. The user receives live dealer games and watches the dealer shuffling the cards or spinning the wheel. The transmitted dealer game is lively and social to the user.

The top live dealer casino games are categorized the best and the most appealing as it creates exciting games. One of the major advantages of the live casino game is that it provides unlimited atmosphere the dealers. Hence, the dealers get great experience through the live casinos’ games.

The online casino has some advantages over the land-based casinos in that the dealers need not move out of their homes. For online casinos, the dealers’ chooses the available casino games online to play their favorite games. Thus, online casinos dealer gets dependable experience at all times of the day.

Again the live casino dealer experiences the convenience and the ability to play the game on the tables. The top live casino dealers have advantages of the game that their social life is enhanced as they involve face-to-face interaction during the game. The only limitation observed in live casino dealer is that it cannot be played at any place and at any time.

The online casino dealers have an advantage in that it has convenience as it can be accessed and played at any time. Also, the online casino dealer can be accessed at any place as long as the internet is available. Some online casino game provides the dealer an option to chat with the operator as a way of interacting.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing the live casino site to play the game include knowing the live dealer. Therefore, the players are to be quickly transported to the top-class recording studio or to an appealing real-life casino. The player considers the most convenience operators with elite offerings.

The operators rely on the most convenient software the technology involved in the live casino has to be the latest. In most cases, they have used the websites such as the 32Red. The winner uses the most reliable software obtained from micro gaming and Playtech. The two are integrated into the website interface to ensure a smooth and immersive experience for the user.

Live online casino often ensures to provide the most popular casino games to its players. Some of the most common and popular casino games include roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Though these games have different variations in standard formats based on the website host. Also, the website used determines the extra offering to be added to the normal standard formats of the game.

For example, 888 use only one card room which is beamed directly from evolutions base in Latvia. In this case, the player can use either French or European roulette while playing the game. Other than the two versions that are popular there still exist Venezia roulette though not very common and it is less celebrated since it has Italian dealer standards. Another form, 888’s from Entwine Tech casino, its standards are based on the Philippines and it does offer three different forms of variants on blackjack, baccarat, and Asian roulette. Among the variants in blackjack crazy1 is one of them.

In simple words, the variety of the games offered in live casino highly depends on the technology used and the bases of the dealers chosen. Hence the different formats are used to enhance the preferred playing methods and to ensure the players’ satisfaction. The various formats and styles used while offering the live casino ensure the convenience to the user depending on their experience.

On the hand, the host website ensures to provide support and security to the live dealer casino. In other cases such as the betting site, the security is guaranteed to players as there are gambling commissions bodies to regulate them in the countries where they register. These commissions ensure that money withdraws and deposit to the live online casinos is exclusively secure.

The establishment of the live dealer games that are online casino games with real human dealers interacting with cards and tables online through video streaming has made online gambling more lively and social. Again it has made the casino games readily available in the areas where they lacked on the land bases as the alternative.

Still, online live casinos have bridged the existing gap between the experience of the real-life casino and the internet gambling site. The online live casino games are associated with huge real cash bonuses and it is accompanied with many game varieties. The game varieties are provided online and can be accessed on the PC, Mac or mobile device with reliable internet connections. Also, the users take advantage of the wagers and the offerings given as from $1. Again the operators ensure to provide the latest variations to the users on the preeminent software in the technology.

For a long time, gambling and casino have played a role in the modern society. It has grown to a new height every day; advancement is made to improve its convenience and accessibility. To achieve the improvement it has enabled the interaction and ability to play with real dealers from the comforts at home. The special live casino online has promoted the services through the offering of bonuses and it gives priority to the player. It has ensured the streaming of HD video to watch the live dealer with the assurance of a steady internet connection.

Game variety

The more the user reviews the different types of the casino games the more they notice the minor differences that cause a significant difference to the experience they have in a given game. Thus, to enhance the convenience of the selected live dealer game the player should observe the following factors. Consider the various varieties available in the live dealer game offered in the website. Make sure to select the live dealer game you are conversant with and with features you know.


Consider the reputation of the casino, ensure to choose a certified and licensed casino. That means, it’s advisable to deal with live casino products from the certified casino, hence the once money and personal details are safe. The biggest online gambling brands offer the best quality services and hence are trustworthy.


For every Top live dealer casino game, the player expects to be rewarded after the game. Thus, it is more exciting when the player enjoys the game and afterward, the casino promotes them with cash back and deposits match bonuses in the player account. The live casino dealer, therefore, caters for the needs and wants of the player.

Lastly, top live dealer casinos have many advantages that a player enjoys all through. They include privacy- the personal details and information remain covered by the casino. The convenience that the live dealer provides what the player wants at the right quality. It offers bonuses to the player after the successful game. The player also enjoys the relative low expenses accompanied by interaction.